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My wife always said I have rocks in my head!

On July 5, 2013
By Aaron

Well, after mad scrambling to get in as many shoots as I could – and then try to finish everybody’s retouching before I was to be out, the day came.

What day? Well, those of you who haven’t spoken with me for a while may be surprised to hear that I had surgery recently to have a brain tumor removed. This June 24th was the big day. The recovery was a bit bumpy for a spell, but now things are going well. It’s too early to know if they got the entire tumor, but it looks as if the surgery was a success. My wife always said that I have rocks in my head. Perhaps now she’ll change her tune!

I’m now recovered enough to sit up and do stuff on the computer. It’ll be a bit before I can shoot again – no lifting anything over 5 pounds for a few more weeks at least. (My cameras are all beasts – and the lighting weighs even more.) But after a couple of weeks of not answering emails, I’m back.

My next task is to send a couple of emails to apologize for not getting back to people faster, and for failing to get all the retouching done before I went out for surgery. I got almost everybody’s pictures done, but there were just SO MANY last minute requests that I didn’t have time to finish them all. Sorry! But laying in the bed with my Wacom tablet and my laptop is actually a pretty enjoyable way to do the work!

So I’m reaching out to the people waiting for pictures to apologize for the delay, and letting the world at large (at least as much of the world reads this blog) that I’m doing ok and will be back behind the camera before you know it.

I’m missing the work and especially missing hanging out with the people that come into my life. It’s always been my view that the key to good pictures lies in really connecting with what’s awesome about a person. If I didn’t feel that way about the people I shoot, it would probably show in the pictures – and ultimately I wouldn’t feel passionate about the work. So I feel blessed to shoot such talented and kind people. Having had what amounted to a brush with mortality has reinforced how vital this is to my way of working and to my view of the world. I get truly jazzed about the people I get to work with. Life is too short to have it be any other way.

And if you’re waiting for pictures, I’ll have them soon!


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