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How many looks do you get?

On January 19, 2014
By Aaron

Lately I have had several people ask me about looks. They want to know if there are limits to how many clothing changes they get when we shoot. The quick answer is that there is no limit. We change as often as we like.

I think the origins of this question come from the world of model test shoots, where a photographer would allow the model several “looks” which involved a wardrobe change, possible makeup and hair changes and possibly a different scene or lighting scheme. For the price the photographer would do a certain number (4 was fairly common) and it also meant a certain amount of time on each “look” and no more.

Headshots are nothing like this. We change location, background, lighting, whatever, as often as we like. I don’t really like to have limits. We spend the time we want to spend, and shoot as many pictures as we want to shoot in order to get what we came to get. And how often we change clothes is the kind of the same thing.

But it also serves a purpose.

Sometimes changing an outfit can make a person feel different and it might really help us to get the shot. There is a definite connection between what we feel on the inside and what the camera sees on the outside. Putting on clothing that makes you feel a certain way makes a huge difference. But also, changing clothes is a great way to refresh the energy. No matter how well things are flowing, every shoot has it’s peaks and valleys. It’s impossible to sustain the magic the entire time, no matter how connected we are feeling. Changing a shirt only takes a moment, and it’s a way of refreshing the energy.

Also, there’s really no such thing as too many clothes. We want lots of options! So go shopping. Pack heavy. Bring a lot of stuff. Who knows how much we’ll use, but lots of “looks” is a good thing.

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