What about Makeup?

Makeup is not included in the price. Men don’t really need makeup, but for women, professional makeup is essential. If you would prefer to bring your own makeup artist, you can have them come to the shoot, but I can provide a truly phenomenal makeup artist for $175, payable directly to the artist on the day of the shoot. The makeup artists I use are seasoned professionals and know how I light and what to do to get the best image possible. Most people are blown away at what the camera captures. A good makeup artist knows what the lens sees and helps you to look your best.

The makeup artist will stay the whole time and is very responsive to what your preferences are. They are also there to help with any hair issues we might have, such as catching strays. However, you should arrive with your hair done the way you normally do it. The makeup artist is there to assist you with the hair; but their primary function is the makeup.

One very important thing to remember when it comes to the makeup is that we want no compromises! Once the makeup is done you look at it in the mirror. Then I’ll say something like, “tell me what you like or don’t like and what, if anything, you would do differently.” Or I might say, “are there any changes at all that you can think of that we could make?” Occasionally there will be a minor change, and it’s super important that you speak up about this. My makeup artists are mega-versatile and they want to hear from YOU. After you are satisfied that the makeup is 100% awesome, then we can begin shooting. The main thing is to really be particular about it. We’re not satisfied until you are ecstatic.