my philosophy:

For me, photography is as much about establishing a personal connection as it is about actually taking pictures. The chemistry between a photographer and subject always shows in the final image – mostly in the eyes. There is no way to fake that comfort level.

I try to create a relaxed and uplifting environment; because when you feel comfortable, your energy, warmth and confidence will shine through naturally.

the process:

I generally like to meet a person – usually for coffee – before we shoot just to get to know each other. We discuss some of the particulars, but the conversation often turns to life in general.

The point of the meeting is to help you to feel comfortable with me (which will show in the pictures) and to allow me to know you better as well. The better I know you, the better I am able to capture your unique qualities.

When we shoot:

The sessions are fairly organic. I don’t rely on specific formulas. Each person is different so I always want to remain open to the possibilities. This is why the pictures all tend to look different. There is no formula to making it work.

I don’t tell people to “smile,” “feel happy,” or “feel good inside,” because it doesn’t create something authentic or real. The mouth might be smiling, but the eyes really aren’t; it looks posed. There’s lots of interaction between us when we shoot, rather than me just spouting directions like, “turn to the side a bit,” or “think happy thoughts.” I give directions sometimes, but most of the time it just flows naturally. In most sessions we’re just talking about life in general and taking pictures as we go.

If you feel like we are connecting, the eyes will be truthful and engaged.

the whole key:

The whole key to good shots lies in feeling good in your own skin. That can only happen if you feel at ease and are having a good time. This is why we meet for coffee before we even decide if we want to shoot together. It’s why we take our time when we work, and it’s what we’re really focused on. It comes from the inside out. Making you look good is easy. Making you feel comfortable is the key to letting the best you come forth.


The new space!

On May 21, 2013
By Aaron

We’re still unpacking, we still don’t have gas, and are still using a temporary kitchen. Oh, and the backyard is a disaster, but we moved into our new brownstone!

We had the first shoot in the new space yesterday with Alexandra, and she brought it. It was magical from the first frame. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to work with for the first time in our new place. Also, I am crazy about the high ceilings and the flexibility the space offers. It all felt very comfortable and just flowed like water. When things are working the way they are supposed to, you don’t have to push; it all just comes together.

Thanks to Anna, our makeup artist, and to Alexandra for allowing her spirit to shine through. I’m going to try to post some pictures later, but for now I have to go unpack some more.